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ZBT Z6001AX-M2-C 5G Broadband Router WiFi With Sim Card IPQ6000 Chipset 1800mbps Openwrt

Short Description:

 Z6001AX-M2-C is a 5G+WIFI6 3000Mbps router. It accesses the Internet through 5G or WAN port dial-up, and then shares the Internet network through wireless WiFi 6 and 1000Mbps wired LAN.

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Simply Introduction

Simply Introduction

Z6001AX is a 5g + WiFi 6 home CPE product. It accesses the Internet through 1000Mbps WAN port dial-up, and then shares the Internet network through wireless WiFi 6 and 1000Mbps wired LAN.


Main features of the product

♦ IPQ6000 scheme is adopted, with 4-core arm cortex a53s CPU, and the main frequency is up to 1.2 GHz

♦ Independent WiFi chip is adopted, with qcn5022 for 2.4G and qcn5052 for 5.8G

♦ The 2.4G rate is up to 573.5mbps, and the 5.8G rate is up to 1201mbps, collectively referred to as 1800 Mbps

♦ Support MU-MIMO, and WiFi modulation mode supports 1024-qam and OFDMA

♦ Each WiFi channel is independently equipped with high-power FEM, which is combined with high gain antenna to achieve super WiFi coverage

♦ High speed 256MB DDR3 with 128MB NAND flash storage

♦ Full 1000m adaptive network interface of 1wan and 3lan, supporting automatic flip (auto MDI / mdix)

♦ A built-in m.2 interface is used to connect 5g communication module, and the module power supply is independently controlled through GPIO

♦ External standard SIM card interface, supporting SIM / USIM card

♦ IPQ6000 has its own watchdog function, which automatically restarts in case of crash

♦ When multiple products are used at the same time, mesh automatic networking is supported


Hardware interface introduction


IPQ6000, 4-Core ARM Cortex A53s CPU, 1.2GHZ Main Frequency

2.4GWIFI chipset

QCN5022, IEEE 802.11ax/n/g/b,Speed up to 573.5Mbps,2T2R

5.8GWIFI chipset

QCN5052  IEEE 802.11ax/ac/a,Speed up 1201Mbps,2T2R


DDR3 256MB(One DDR matches 32bit firmware)



Ethernet Port

WAN*1, 1000Mbps(Auto MDI/MDIX), IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.ab

LAN*3, 1000Mbps(Auto MDI/MDIX, IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.ab

Power Port



Reset Button* 1, MESH Button*1

SIM Card

Standard SIM card Slot *1, Support SIM/USIM


Omnidirectional 3dbi 2.4G antenna*2

Omnidirectional 3dbi 5.8G antenna*2

Omnidirectional 3dbi 5Gantennas*4,  support 4G/3G/2G bands

M.2 Slot

Built-in M.2*1, Support USB3.0 and PCIE Bus, support 5G module


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