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1200Mbps 2.4G 5.8G Dual band wireless routers

1200Mbps 2.4G 5.8G Dual band wireless routers


Nowadays, many people cannot do without WiFi network when using mobile phones, and the use of WiFi requires a wireless router. Almost all connected homes are now equipped with wireless routers, making it easier to connect to the Internet. And wireless routers are divided into single-band and dual-band. So, what are the benefits of dual-band wireless routers? What are the advantages? Many people don’t know much about this aspect. Next, I will introduce the definition of dual-band wireless routers. There are also advantages of dual-band wireless routers.

What is a dual-band wireless router?

The so-called dual-band wireless router refers to the wireless signal that can provide two wireless frequency bands at the same time, namely 2.4GHz wireless signal and 5GHz wireless signal. Ordinary wireless routers (single frequency wireless routers) can only provide 2.4GHz wireless signals. The difference between single-band and dual-band wireless routers is mainly focused on signal range, transmission power, stability and anti-interference.


Introduction to the characteristics of dual-band wireless routers

The wireless signal of the dual-band wireless router is divided into the 2.4GHz frequency band and the 5GHz frequency band. Here we will introduce its characteristics first. First of all, the characteristics of the 2.4GHz band wireless signal: 2.4G wireless network has a large coverage but slow speed. It is generally used when the distance is long (relative to 5GHz wireless) and there are obstacles (walls, doors, windows, etc.) between connected devices. this way. Secondly, the characteristics of 5GHz wireless are exactly the opposite of 2.4GHz wireless. It has a higher wireless transmission speed, but has weaker penetration ability to obstacles and a smaller signal coverage (compared to 2.4G wireless).


Introduction to the benefits of dual-band wireless routers

Compared with single-frequency wireless routers, dual-frequency wireless routers have a wider signal transmission range, wider coverage, more stable operation, faster transmission speed, and stronger anti-interference. In addition, dual-band wireless routers are more suitable for environments with complex house structures. In addition, the dual-band wireless router provides both 2.4G and 5G wireless. Users can choose to connect to 2.4G wireless when they are far away from the router. When they are closer to the router, they can choose to connect to 5G wireless. . It should be noted that to use the 5G wireless network on the dual-band wireless router, your wireless device needs to support 5G band wireless, and not all wireless devices support 5G wireless. If your home wireless devices do not support 5G wireless, then there is no need to buy a dual-band wireless router.


Through the reading of this article, everyone has an understanding of the difference between single-band wireless routers and dual-band wireless routers, and the characteristics and advantages of dual-band wireless routers. It can be seen that dual-band wireless routers have more advantages than single-band wireless routers. However, single-band wireless routers are sufficient for general household use. Wireless routers are now widely used. Here, I suggest you to learn about the related information of dual-band wireless routers and the difference between single- and dual-band.

Post time: Dec-11-2021