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It is best not to place these 3 things on the side of the router

It is best not to place these 3 things on the side of the router

Living in Internet age, routers are basically very common, now matter in the public or at home, using a mobile phone or other electronic devices to connect to the routers, then we could get the signal to surf the internet, which makes our life very convenient.


Now, more and more people find that the signal of their routers is geting weaken and weaken, and they have no idea of the causes. Let me say, sometimes, they are just caused by ourselves, here are some causes that can make wifi signal weaken, I wish that will do you a favor.

First, do not put metal items close to the router
There are many metal objects in our lives, such as scissors, cups, fat homes, cans, etc. which have a strong absorption of electromagnetic waves that will greatly weaken the signal of the router! so I suggest that you shouldn’t put metal products on the router side.

Second, keep away from glass items
Glassware is very common in life, such as drinking cups, fish tanks, vases, etc. All of them will block the signal, especially the large one, so we should not try to put the router around these items!

Third, far away from electrical equipment
There are many electrical appliances around us, such as small mobile computers, microwave ovens, TVs, and stereos. These electrical devices generate some electromagnetic waves when they are in operation. If you put the router around these equipments, the signals will be influenced.

According to what I say above,I think you should try to avoid placing these items on the side of the router. Actually, some people will install more than one router at home, I suggest that you should put them separately, then the signals will not interfere with each other.

Post time: Jan-13-2022