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Something important about Wireless Router

Something important about Wireless Router

If you don’t have a WiFi router in your home, then you are basically out of touch with society. However, there will be many problems even you have already installed a wifi router at home, such as: slow internet speed, sudden internet disconnection, no signal in some rooms, etc… What should I do? Let’s have a look.


ZBT Wireless Routers

First of all, we need to know that all routers have limited wifi coverage. Generally, routers are placed in the center of the house or at a higher position. Remember not to stack them in the corners! ! ! Moreover, the router antennas can also be adjusted, one placed horizontally and the other vertically, so that the network will be much better in an instant. If you want the wifi signal concentrate in one place, then point all the antennas in that direction so that the signal will be relatively powerful in that place.

If the signal is still bad, then let’s check what the situation is. If the overall network speeds of all home routers are very slow, I suggest you should change the router. The traditional 2.4G single-frequency router is like a road in the morning rush hour, it will be blocked as soon as it is opened, we have to replace it with a dual-frequency router that supports a gigabit network. You can have a look at ZBT Dual Bands Wireless Routers, please click the picture to check.

WG3526 (10)

ZBT 4G LTE Dual Bands 1200Mbps Gigabit Ports Wireless Router

If the network are still stuck, you can consider changing to a wifi 6 router. Compared to wifi 4 or WiFi 5 routers, it has 10 times faster network performance and is also anti-interference.

3. Z100-C轮播海报

1800Mbps Gigabit Port Mesh Wifi 6 Router

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that after the router is set up, it needs to be restarted occasionally. If it is left untouched, it will cause a series of problems for a long time. For example:

Everyone knows that any electronic product will heat up when it is in use, although the power of the router is not high. If the heat dissipation conditions are not good enough, it will be easy to affect the running speed after using for a long time.

Everyone should remember that any electrical appliance is running and losing. As long as the router is running all the time, it will age after a long time. If there is a problem with the transmission of the router, even if your home is 100M broadband, the signal is actually No more than ten trillion.

The router receives and transmits many kinds of signals every day. If it is not cleaned up in time, there will be more and more cache, the network will naturally be stuck and if it connects too many users. But please don’t panic when you encounter this kind of problem, just restart it.

After the above introduction, I believe all of you have a good understanding of what wifi6 means. For more related information, you can follow our website www.4gltewifirouter.com, or  facebookLinkin, you can also search our ZBT Router in YouTube, you will see a lot of testing Videos posted by our clients. Or you can contact Ally Zoeng for more information (info1@zbt-china.com)


Post time: Jan-07-2022