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ZBT Z8102AX-M2 3000Mbps wifi6 5G CPE Router WiFi Dual Sim 802.11AX Openwrt Modem Gigabit Port

Short Description:

Z8102AX-M2 is a 5G WIFI6 router, which can access the Internet through 5G mobile communication dial-up or 1000Mbps WAN port, and then share the Internet network through wireless WiFi 6 and 1000Mbps wired LAN.

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The MTK7981B dual sim 3000Mbps Wifi6 5g router is a high-speed router that supports both Wifi6 (802.11ax) and 5G cellular connectivity. This router is powered by the MTK7981B processor, which is designed for routers and supports up to 160MHz channel bandwidth.


This router has a maximum wireless speed of 3000Mbps, which is achieved through a combination of dual-band frequencies (2.4GHz and 5GHz). The advanced features of the Wifi6 standard, such as MU-MIMO and OFDMA, help improve network performance by allowing multiple devices to communicate simultaneously.


The dual sim functionality of this router allows it to connect to two different mobile networks simultaneously, providing redundancy and failover options in case of network outages. The router also has a range of ethernet ports for connecting wired devices and external USB ports for storage devices.


Overall, the MTK7981B dual sim 3000Mbps Wifi6 5g router is a powerful and high-performance router designed for users who require fast network speeds and redundancy options. It is ideal for use in environments such as small businesses or homes with multiple devices and high bandwidth requirements.


Main Features

●Using MT7981B solution, ARM Cortext-A53 dual-core CPU, main frequency up to 1.3GHZ
●Adopt independent WIFI6 chip, MT7976CN, the speed is up to 3000Mbps
●High-speed 1GB DDR4, with 128MB SPI NAND Flash
●1WAN+4LAN 1000M adaptive network port, support automatic flip (Auto MDI/MDIX)..
●Support "one-key flashing mode", that is, long press the reset button to enter the rescue flashing mode...
●Support "one-key" MESH networking...
●Built-in 2x M.2 interfaces (choose one of the two), which can be used to connect to 5G/4G mobile communication modules
● Two sim card slot
External high-gain WIFI antenna, 360-degree wireless signal without dead angle



Quick Details

Processor MT7981B ARM Cotext-A53 dual-core CPU, 1.3GHZ main frequency
WIFI Chip MT7976CN  IEEE 802.11n/g/b/a/ac/ax,Max. 3000Mbps
Flash Nor Flash 16MB(Choosable)
SPI NAND Flash 128MB
EMMC 8GB (Choosable)
RJ45 ports 1*WAN port, 1000Mbps supports automatic flip (Auto MDI/MDIX)Conforms to IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.ab
4* LAN port, 1000Mbps supports automatic flip (Auto MDI/MDIX)Conforms to IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.ab
power interface DC5.5*2.1MM
Button 1 reset button, 1 MESH button
4G/5G interface 2 *M.2 ports
Antennas 5G dual module 2 external omnidirectional 5dbi 5G mobile communication & 2.4GWIIF dual frequency dual outlet antennas
3 external omnidirectional 5dbi 5G mobile communication & 5.8GWIFI dual frequency dual outlet antennas
3 external omnidirectional 5dbi 5G mobile communication single outlet antennas
4G dual module 2 external omnidirectional 5dbi 2.4G WIFI antennas
2 external omnidirectional 5dbi 5.8GWIFI antennas, 1 4G & 5.8GWIFI dual-frequency dual-outlet antenna
3 external omnidirectional 5dbi 4G mobile communication antennas

MESH  LED 1. The red light is on during the boot process, when the boot is complete, the red light is off and the green light is on2. Press the mesh button to enter the mesh pairing state, the green light flashes once a second, and the other lights are off3. The network of the main device is normal, and the green light and blue light are on at the same time (cyan)4. The MESH connection from the device is successful. If the distance is far away, the green light and red light will be on at the same time (orange), and the green light and blue light will be on at the same time (cyan) if the distance is suitable.
4G/5G1 LED The 4G/5G1 network is always on, and flashes when there is data communication

This hardware product is designed with a hardware watchdog function. After the hardware watchdog is powered on, it will automatically start up and detect the heartbeat level output by the routing system that jumps once every second. If the routing system itself fails (such as a crash), it will also Naturally, the heartbeat level can no longer be output. At this time, if the hardware watchdog has not detected the heartbeat level within 120 seconds, it will shut down by itself for 15 seconds and then restart the entire system.

When the routing system is running normally, but the 5G/4G module dialing is abnormal, the routing system will control the power supply of the 5G/4G module through GPIO, so that the module will automatically restart to fix the 5G/4G dialing abnormality.

Specific function of hardware watchdog

Routing system exception

Module dialing exception

restart the whole system

Only restart the module



1. Can I order a sample to check the quality?
A: Why not? Before making any big order, there must be samples for quality inspection and testing whether they can be used locally.

2. What is your warranty policy?
A: 12 months. Before delivery, we will do 100% confirm all the details with you and do test working in case any unexpected problems.

3. What’s your minimum OEM or ODM order quantity?
A: Our MOQ is based on different items. Small orders are also welcome, but the unit price is also different from wholesale price.

4.What’s the price term and payment term?
A: Price term: EXW and FOB Shenzhen
Payment term: 30% deposit first, and 70% balance before shipment.

5. What’s the delivery time?
A: Samples are in stock, can be sent within 1-5 days.
Our daily production quantity is 5000pcs/day with complete materials.

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