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ZBT WG3526 1200Mbps Gigabit Ports Dual Bands 4G Wireless Router With MT7621 Chipset

Short Description:

ZBT WG3526 Latest Dual core network chipset MT7621,Clock Frequency get 880Mhz

Provide 5 gigabit Auto MDI/MDIX Ethernet port

1 USB 3.0 port+1 SATA port

Provide 1 Micro SD Card slot+1 mini PCIE slot+1 SIM card slot

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Simply Introduction

ZBT WG3526 is a high-performance 4G wireless router, which adopts MT7621 chipset, has 1200Mbps Gigabit Ethernet port and dual-band WiFi, supports dual card dual standby, and can connect to multiple operator networks at the same time, suitable for business, office and Various scenarios such as families can meet the needs of high-speed and stable Internet access.

The router also has a variety of security protection functions, such as WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK and other encryption methods, MAC address filtering, access control, VPN and firewall functions, to ensure the security of user data and equipment. In addition, it also supports multiple applications such as DLNA and SAMBA, and realizes multiple functions such as mobile storage, print sharing and multimedia transmission.

In general, ZBT WG3526 is a wireless router with high performance, reliability and stability, security protection and rich functions, which is suitable for high-speed Internet access needs in various scenarios.

ZBT-WG3526 uses the latest MTK wireless solution, the MT7621, the clock frequency is as high as 880MHZ, provide 5 gigabit Auto MDI/MDIX Ethernet port, 1×USB 3.0 port ,1×Micro SD card ,1 X SATA port.

Support IEEE802.11ac/n/g/b/a wireless protocol, max wireless rate could be 1200Mbps , 4×5Dbi high gain antennas , perform better and cover larger.

The original SDK develop based on the Linux, which is SDK4.2, included the certification of the 802.11AC、IPv6 and Win8. Also provide the driver of the VPN, audio and the touch screen. The L7 Qos work perfectly with the HNAT/HQos , offer the Auto QoS for the Internet routers and SMB routers.

Main features of the product

♦ Latest Dual core network chipset MT7621,Clock Frequency get 880Mhz

♦ Provide 5 gigabit Auto MDI/MDIX Ethernet port

♦ 1 USB 3.0 port+1 SATA port

♦ Provide 1 Micro SD Card slot+1 mini PCIE slot+1 SIM card slot

♦ support IEEE IEEE802.11AC/N/G/B/A wireless protocol

♦ The transmission rate get to 1200Mbps


Hardware interface introduction

Hardware Specification

Main Chipset

MT7621/Dual Core/880Mhz


DDR3 RAM  512MB (MAX512MB)



Protocol Standard

IEEE 802.11ac,IEEE 802.11a

IEEE 802.11n,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11b;

IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u;

Wireless Rate

5G  : 900Mbps

2.4G: 300Mbps

Work Frequency



4 * 5dBi high gain antenna or 6 external antenna (Adding 3G or 4G module)


1*10/100M/1000M WAN Port, Auto MDI/MDIX

4*10/100M/1000M LAN Port, Auto MDI/MDIX

1*USB 3.0 port

1*Mini-PCIE slot

1*SATA port

1 SIM card slot





Power consumption

< 24W


DC 12V 2A


Work Environments

Operating Temperature:-10℃ ~ 60℃;

Storage Temperature:-40℃~ 70℃;

Operating Humidity:10%~90% non-condensing

Storage Humidity:10%~90% non-condensing



WG3526 (10)
WG3526 (3)
WG3526 (3)
WG3526 (4)

This router is made of iron, so what is its function?

1. Protect the internal components of the router. The iron shell can protect the circuit boards and components inside the router from external physical impacts, such as magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, static electricity, etc., so as to ensure the normal operation of the router.

2. Heat dissipation. The iron shell can effectively dissipate heat and prevent the router from being damaged or degraded due to overheating, especially when it is used under high load for a long time.

3. Prevent distractions. The iron shell of the router can also prevent the interference of external electromagnetic signals and ensure the stable and reliable signal transmission of the router.

In short, the iron shell of the router is not only a part of the appearance of the router, but also a key part of the internal components, heat dissipation and signal transmission of the router.

What is the function of setting the SIM card slot on the router?

1. The role of setting the SIM card slot on the router is to realize wireless Internet access. Most routers support 4G/3G Internet access through SIM cards, also known as mobile routers or wireless routers.

2. When the router inserts the SIM card, the router will automatically connect to the mobile network of the mobile operator, and convert the mobile network signal into a Wi-Fi signal through WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) technology, so that multiple Wi-Fi devices can pass through the router Access to the Internet to achieve wireless Internet access. This method allows the router to access the Internet more conveniently without being restricted by fixed lines, and is especially suitable for temporary or mobile scenarios, such as camping, traveling, on a boat, or in a vehicle.

At the same time, some routers also support the function of dual card slots, which can support two SIM cards at the same time to achieve better network coverage and signal quality, and improve the reliability and stability of wireless Internet access.

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Some of the main ones include:

Showcase your products or services: Exhibitions are an effective way to showcase your company's products or services and attract the attention of potential customers and partners.

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Where can the 4G SIM card be placed?
1.Generally speaking, the SIM card slot of the router is located on the side or bottom of the router. When choosing a router, it is recommended to check the product manual of the router to understand the location and method of placing the SIM card, so as to avoid hardware damage caused by improper use.

2. How to connect to the network after inserting the SIM card?
After inserting the SIM card, the router will automatically search and connect to the mobile network with the strongest signal. Under normal circumstances, the router will automatically set the wireless network and Wi-Fi password, which can be set after connecting to Wi-Fi through a mobile phone or computer. If it cannot be connected automatically, you can manually set it in the router management background.

3. Does the iron shell affect the network signal?
The iron shell will not have a direct impact on the network signal, but the unoptimized iron shell will have an impact on the heat dissipation and signal transmission of the router. Therefore, when purchasing a router, it is recommended to choose a professional brand and a product with a good heat dissipation design to ensure that the network signal is stable and reliable.

4. Can I change the SIM card?
Generally speaking, the router supports replacing the SIM card, but before replacing the SIM card, the router and power must be turned off to avoid damage to the hardware. At the same time, it should be noted that the SIM cards of different mobile operators may not be compatible. It is recommended to consult and confirm before changing the SIM card.

In short, a 4G router with a SIM card slot and an iron shell can realize wireless Internet access and provide a more stable and reliable network signal. When using, you need to pay attention to correctly place the SIM card, choose a router with a high-quality brand and good heat dissipation design, and replace the SIM card carefully to avoid hardware damage.

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